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Organic CBD Flower Grown at FLO Farms - 

An extremely unique cultivar featuring super light, fluffy buds, rich with trichomes and crystalline calyx. 

This is a small batch 100% Organic outdoor flower

grown, dried, and cured here in PA!


Aroma profile for this strain is sour grapefruit and sweet gas.

Effects are Sativa dominant, clear and uplifting,

loosening up of body, without tiredness or fatigue.


100% Hand Trimmed by us,

never touched by a machine trimmer to preserve boutique quality


Total Cannabinoid Content: 16.44%

CBD Content (CBDA+CBD): 15.85%

CBC Content: 0.42%

Delta 9 THC Content: <LOQ

Genetics: Harle Tsu x Medigom

Genus: Sativa, Autoflower

Description: Airy and Cakey buds - Mostly Large and medium size

Aroma/Terpene Profile: Sour Grapefruit & Sweet Fuel/Gas


Free shipping on All orders!!

We will process orders and ship within one to two business days.

Less than .3% Delta 9 THC

All orders will be packed air tight, discretely, and will ship with letter to authorities validating the legality of the product, as well as COA documentation of all contents.

Organic CBD Flower

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1 Ounce
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